Growth Mindmap

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  • Growth
    • Organic (internal)
      • Increase in shops
        • More towns can visit your shop
        • More land tax needs paying
      • Increase in staff
        • More workers means more hours can be worked
        • More wages need paying
      • Sales
        • More money will be made
        • More stock needs to be bought
      • Profit
        • More money for the business
        • Untitled
      • Product range
        • The business has a backup
        • A lot to pay for
    • External
      • Merdger
        • More profit
        • Business need and agreed split of profit
      • Takeover
        • Eliminate competition
        • The business has more customers to care for
      • Horizontal intergration
      • Upwards vertical
      • Downwards verticle


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