Groups most likely to experience poverty

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  • Groups most likely to experience poverty
    • Lone parents
      • more likely to work part time
      • Childcare responsibilities, money for nanny
    • Households with no paid work
      • No income
      • Rely on benefits
      • No guranteed neccesities
    • Families with children under 11
      • Pay for school items
      • Rely on FSM
    • Adults in 1 person households
      • One income to pay bills
    • Children and young people
      • No jobs/income
      • Education fees?
    • Leave school before 16
      • No qualifications
      • Low paid job
      • = Poverty
    • Women
      • Maternity leave= less promotions
      • Part time = less pay
      • Glass ceiling
      • Childcare fees
      • Live longer, less pensions
    • Ethnic Minorities
      • X English
      • X qualifications
      • No raises= same job
      • Foreign qualifications not seen as valid
      • Less likely to claim benefits they're entitled to
      • Face discrimination/racism
  • Types of poverty
    • Absolute poverty
      • when people’s income is so low that they cannot obtain the minimum needed to survive
    • Relative poverty
      • When people’s income is well below average so they are poor compared with others in their society.
      • They cannot afford to have the general standard of living that most other people in their society enjoy
    • Poverty line
      • A government-approved line that divides people who are living below a set income level (living below the poverty line) from those above it.


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