Groups in the Periodic Table

Groups in the Periodic Table from Edexcel GCSE C2  Chemistry

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  • Groups in Periodic Table
    • Reactivity increases as go down
    • elements divided into groups
    • Group 1 alkali and transition metals have metalic bonding
    • Metalic bonds are strong and metals have high melting points and densities
    • The type of bonding and structure of a substance determines its properties
    • Alkali metals are soft, low density and very reactive. they are not typical metals
    • Alkali metals react with water to produce a hydroxide and hydrogen gas
    • The group 7 halogens have low melting and boiling points and are coloured
    • Halogens react with metals and hydrogen to produce halides
    • a more reactive halogen will displace a less reactive halogen from a solution of its salt
    • Noble gases have full outer shells and are unreactive


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