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  • Group display
    • A01
      • Lynch mobs is when a group of people kill someone for some presumed offense. In the the southern states of America between the years of 1882 and 1930 there were a documented 2805 lynching carried out, the majority of victims where black American males; a on average on black American was killed every week.
      • There were ridiculous reasons cited for the killing such as that black men had a uncontrollable desire to **** white women and being disrespectful in the perscene of a white person. These reason where undoubtabley created to make the petraitor feel righteous and less guilty for carrying out these killings
      • One theory that attempts to explain the behavior of lynch mobs is the POWER THREAT HYPOTHESIS. This is based on the concept that as the minority group's influence grows the more the majority will intensify there efforts to maintained control. In the case of lynch mobs, the majority who held the power where white men who felt that there power was being treated by black men used lynch mobs as a form of socal control to keep the minorty fearful of the conquences of taking power
        • Another theory that attempts to explain lynch mobs is de-humanisation of the victim. there is evidence from sevral newspaper articles that victims where often cut up or burnt to the point in which they could no longer be recognized human. additionally racial hatred made black people out to be primitive and animistic. These beliefs helped whites carry out these murders as it reinforced these beliefs that black people where far from there equals and killing them was no different then  kill an animal/
      • Sometime Religious display can be extermly violent and often involves self harm or harming others.For example shia Muslims self failulate to show love to God. Such exterme practices seem to contradict evolutionary practices
    • A02 & A03
      • Research from south Africa condict predictions from the power threat hypothesis. Attacks were carried out on people that did not pose a threat to anyone. This suggests that there must be something these influenceing behaviour.
        • Perhaps a more apropriate explaintion would be de-indivdualsation, this the concept that when one is in a group they lose their sense of self, put another way the ideals and behavior of that group become their own. This makes an indivdual more likley to behave in an aggressive manner as they can't be identifed as an indivdual and only as part of a group. Anything that helps an individual lose their self-identity.
      • Mullen anylseed 60 newspaper articles and found that as the size of the mob increased the more violent the killing.


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