Group 1- The Alkali Metals

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  • Group 1- The Alkali Metals
    • The Trends
      • As you go down GROUP 1 the Alkali metals become MORE REACTIVE.
      • As you go down GROUP 1 the Alkali metals have LOWER MELTING and BOILING POINTS
    • What ELements are in Group 1
      • Lithium
      • Sodium
      • Potassium
      • Rubidium
      • Caesium
    • What They Do
      • They form Ionic Compounds with Non-Metals
      • They want to lose one outer electron to form a 1+ ion.
      • They NEVER covalent bond
      • They produce white compounds which dissolve in water to form a colourless solution
    • Reaction
      • When Lithium, Sodium or Potassium react with water they react vigoursly.
      • They FIZZ
      • They produce HYDROGEN
      • They form hydroxides that dissolvein water to give alkaline solutions
        • 2NA + 2H20 -- 2NAOH + H2


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