Group 7

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  • Group 7
    • Halogens
      • Exist as diatomic molecules
        • e.g. Cl2
        • atoms joined by covalent bond
    • Toxic Non-Metals
      • Coloured Vapours
    • Properties
      • Low Boiling & Melting Points
        • Increase going down group
      • Poor conductors of heat & electricity
      • Less Reactive going down group
    • 7 electrons in outermost shell
    • React with metals to form 1- ions
      • Called Halides
    • A more reactive Halogen will displace a less reactive Halogen from solutions of its salts
      • e.g. chlorine would displace bromide ions
      • Fluorine will displace all others, but it reacts so violently with water you can't carry our reactions in aq solutions
      • A Salt is a bromide or iodide
    • They form covalent compounds by sharing electrons with other non-metals
      • But they form ionic bonds with metals & the compounds that form have Ionic structures
    • Elements
      • Fluorine
        • Gas
      • Chlorine
        • Gas
      • Bromine
        • Liquid
      • Iodine
        • Dark Grey Solid or Purple Vapour


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