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  • Grithiths
    • Aim
      • Examine factors and variables relating to cognition and the gambling process
    • Participants
      • Regular Gamblers
        • 29 Males
        • 1 Female
      • Non regular gamblers
        • 15 Males
        • 15 Females
      • Each divided into sub groups of 'Thinking aloud' and 'Non-thinking aloud'
    • Method
      • Real amusement park
      • Each P was given £3 to play and asked to stay on the machine for 60 gambles
      • Fruit machine
    • Findings
      • Regular gamblers had a higher play rate of 8 gambles per minute
      • Regular gambles who thought aloud had a lower win rate
      • No significant difference between the winnings of the 2 groups
      • Regular gamblers spent more time on the fruit machines
      • Regular gamblers made more irrational verbalisations than non regular gamblers
    • Conclusion
      • Regular gamblers think there is more skill than luck involved
      • Thinking aloud has the potential to be an effective therapeutic treatment for gamblers who have become addicted to fruit machines


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