Gregorys top down theory

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  • Gregorys top down theory (1974)
    • A01- perception is a process of construction. data+ stored knowledge
      • perception as hypothesis formation-  sensory data+ stored knowledge+ a hypothesis
      • the role of previous knowledge- Bruner (1951) playing cards red clubs and black hearts.  rectangular table.
      • visual illusions-  result of 'misapplied hypotheses'. usually work in real world but have been misapplied.
        • examples:converging lines, necker cube, muller lyer illusion.
    • A02- research evidence: hypothesis testing- Khorosani et al. the role of previous knowledge: Bruner and minturn, 13. visual illusions- cross cultural research segall huts.
    • strengths- can explain ambiguous situations. can help in the design of computer systems that can 'see' the world. limitations: lack of ecological validity.
    • palmers role of context- (1975) contextual scene. IDA- real world app- US naval ship USS Vincennes.


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