Greenwhich Village Sustainability

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  • Greenwich Village
    • Sustainability
      • Community
        • New Primary School
        • A Book club for the community.
      • Environmental
        • Reducing Co2 emission via alternative energy.
      • Economic
        • New Jobs, e.g. teaching and construction.
          • Multiplier effect.
    • Water
      • The water caught on the dome is re-used the flush toilets.
      • In supermarkets such as Sainsbury's, they catch the rainfall and re-use it as toilet water.
      • The village re-uses their waste water from showers, washing up etc. and uses it for the garden and toilet flushing.
    • Traffic Management
      • Good Transport Links
      • Many Bus Lanes
      • Few Parking spaces.
      • Locals are discourages to drive.
    • Energy e.g. Sainsbury's
      • They only use electricity to power fridges, light and heat.
        • But this is usually from solar + wind energy.
      • They have vegetated embankments.
      • Glass Windows on the ceiling.
    • The Village
      • Built with recyclable material.
      • Community Gardens.
      • Mainly solar + wind powered.
      • Re-use waste water.


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