Green Crime

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  • Green Crime
    • Global Risk Society and the Environment
      • Beck-most threats to human well being and the eco-system are now human-made
        • In late modern society, increase in production and technology has led to 'manufacturing  risks' that harm the environment
          • happening on a global scale
    • Types of Green Crime
      • Secondary Crimes
        • involve the  flouting of rules aimed at preventing or regulating environmental disasters
      • Primary Crimes
        • Results directly from the destruction and degrading of the earth's resouses
        • South- 4 main causes= air pollution, deforestation, species decline and water pollution
    • Green Criminology
      • If pollution that caused global warming is legal. Is this a matter for criminology?
        • Green Criminiology
          • Starts from the notion of harm rather than the criminal law because...
            • No universal law between states
            • many of the worst environmental harms are not illegal
        • Traditional Criminiology
          • Only studies patterns and causes of law-breaking, so not concerned
    • Evaluation
      • By focusing on the much broader concept of harms rather than simply on legally defined crimes, it is hard to define the boundaries of its field of study clearly
        • it is a matter of values and cannot be established objectively
      • it recognises the growing importance of environmental issues and the need to address them


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