Greek Herodotus

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  • Greek Herodotus
    • Suppliants
      • Pactyes fled from Persia to Cyme
        • Mazares sent messengers
          • Cymeans consulted Apollo's oracle Branchidae
            • Where shrine of old established
              • Ionians and Aeolians were accustomed to consult
                • Messengers to the oracle
                  • What certain action concerning Pactyes would be pleasing to the gods
      • Oracle tells them to give him up
        • Crowds eager
          • Aristodicus, esteemed man, prevented them
            • Not believe oracle or messengers
              • Others sent, one him
      • Oracle revealed same things
        • A intentionally removed sparrows & birds born in temples from temple
          • Voice from innermost shrine
            • Why destroying temple's suppliants
              • A said since the god helped suppliants but asked them to give up one
                • The god said so that sinners destroyed quicker
                  • AND so others wouldn't come to discuss the surrender of suppliants
    • Amasis
      • King after Apries
        • Subjects no respect
        • Extremely wealthy
          • Many good things
          • Golden footbath
            • He and his guests vomit & wash feet in
            • Melts down into god statue
              • Subjects adore it
        • Tells origin of statue
          • Past and present
            • He is like the footbath
              • Mistreated then adored
                • Orders them to value and respect him
      • Won over subjects to serve him
        • Morning marketplace attend to problems until full
          • After drank & acted the fool
        • Friends concerned
          • Not act this way but like king: regal
        • Symbolism of archers
          • Not bows strung at all times otherwise snap
            • Men never relax, snap too
              • Go mad or be mad
                • Why he works and relaxes
      • Always loved to drink and joke
        • Never took life seriously
          • Necessities of life fail on him
            • Turn to theft
              • Victims take to oracle nearest
                • Often acquitted or convicted
          • When king
            • Punished those who acquitted him
              • Untruthful oracles
              • Rewarded those who convicted
                • Truly from the gods


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