Greek Civil War 1947

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  • Greek Civil War 1947
    • 1. Monarchists vs Communists
      • Both had been part of the resistance against the Nazis
        • The Nazis left  in 1944
      • The Communists wanted Greece to be a Soviet Republic and the monarchists wanted the King of Greece to return
    • 4. 24th February 1947
      • Britain announced it was withdrawing its troops
        • Couldn’t afford to keep them there
    • 5. Truman stepped in to replace Britain
      • The US paying meant some British troops stayed in Greece
    • British troops tried to support the king's government
      • In 1950 the royalists became in control of Greece
        • However, their government was weak and always in crisis
    • 2. In 1945 Churchill sent British troops to Greece
      • This was supposed to be to help restore order and supervise elections
        • It was actually to support the Monarchists and return the King to power
    • 3. In 1946 the USSR went to the UN
      • They said British troops were a threat to peace in Greece
        • The UN did nothing so the Communists tried to take control of Greece by force
          • Civil War quickly developed


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