Language Change: Graphology

Revision mindmap on the graphology of language change.

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  • Graphology
    • Handwriting has changed throughout time.
    • U/V
      • Interchangeable
      • Determined by the position in the word
      • Only later did they represent the consonant V and the vowel U.
    • Y/I/J
      • The letter J used to represent I
      • Y or I could represent the sound I.
      • This has changed due to standardisation.
    • S/SH
      • SH used in the middle of words instead of S
    • Punctuation
      • A stroke did the job of a full stop or comma.
      • Colons, semi-colons and speech marks started to appear in the early Modern English period.
    • Upper-case/Lower-case
      • Upper-case was used for all nouns.
      • Grammar restricted their usage.


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