Graphics - Second Section (Qu 13)

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  • Graphics - Question 13
    • Thermochromic materials
      • Respond to changes in temperature by changing colour
      • Made of liquid crystals or metal compounds
      • Used for t-shirts, temptoos (temporary tatoos), mugs and temperature strips
    • Kyoto Protocol
      • The Kyoto Protocol was agreed by 184 governments in the ancient Japanese city of that name in December 1997.
      • It came into legal force in 2005, requiring 37 industrialized countries to reduce their emissions by an average of 5% below 1990 levels during the period 2008 to 2012.
      • The protocol was an historic “first step” to controlling greenhouse gases, providing a basic framework around action to combat climate change.
      • It has led many industrialized countries to put in place the institutions and policies needed to achieve emissions cuts, and some countries and regions are actually beginning to reduce their emissions.
      • But its impact on the rising trend in global emissions has been very small, and some of its mechanisms are questionable.


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