Graphic Designers

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  • Graphic Designers
    • Harry Beck
      • English engineering draftsman at the London underground signals office
      • In 1931 he created the London underground tube map
      • In 1933 he introduced it to the public via a pamphlet
      • The underground used topological maps to illustrate the network
    • Alberto Alessi
      • Manufactures everyday objects
      • he combines mass production with creativity
      • His designs are based on aesthetic qualities and function
      • One of his creations was the Alessi juicer
    • Wally Olins
      • He is a brand consultant and helped develop brands such as BT and P&O
      • He founded the advertising company called the Wolff Olins agency
      • He developed images such as the brand for the 2012 Olympic games
    • Robert Sabuda
      • He is a leading children's pop-up book artist and a paper engineer
      • His books include the stories of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland


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