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    • Background
      • Context dependent memory Godden and Baddeley 1975 studied effects of context on memory of deep sea divers
    • Aim
      • Investigate context dependent memory effects on recall and recognition on students
    • Method
      • Laboratory experiment. IV: Reading condition, testing condition. DV: Multiple choice and short answer tests
    • Participants
      • 8 Experimenters recruited 5 participants each. 39 Total (one outlier) 17 females 23 males mean age 23.4 years
    • Controls
      • 1) Background music for all 2) test and study conditions varied so not just noise. 3) Standardised instructions 4) recall test done first 5)Earphones 6) Reading time
    • Procedure
      • Participants standardised instructions, class project ,voluntary. Read article, both conditions wore earphones-control. Participants reading times measured-control Recall recognition test and debrief.
    • Results
      • RECALL: Silent test and study 6.7 whereas silent test and noisy 5.4
      • RECOGNITION: Silent test and study 14.3 whereas silent test and noisy 12.7
    • Evaluation
      • ETHICS: Informed consent, voluntarily free will, protected from harm and debrief
      • VALIDITY: highly controlled lab
      • ECOLOGICAL VALIDITY: Reading article and answering Qs like learning material classroom. BUT headphones and background noise reduces EV. Test material learnt more than few mins
      • RELIABILITY: Highly controlled replicable, scientific research


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