Grandpa's Soup

Mindmap for analysing "Grandpa's soup" by Jackie Kay

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  • Grandpa's Soup
    • Word choice
      • "Grandpa"
        • term used by children to establish childlike narration
        • informal, good relationship with granddad
      • "wee", "hough"
        • Scottish dialect terms
        • strong sense of regional identity
        • poet's happy memories of Scotland associated with grandfather
    • Grammar
      • repetition of "and" at starts of lines in first stanza
        • childlike speech patterns
        • Kay is recalling memories honestly
        • enthusiasm
      • future tense in second stanza
        • adds poigancy
        • grandfather knew that Kay would associate soup with happy memories
      • Coda
        • set in isolation
        • poigancy--poet is struggling to recall name of barley because memories of soup and grandfather are fading
      • "best soup in the whole world"
        • hyperbole
        • childlike expression
    • Figurative language
      • "a rich island in the middle of the soup sea"
        • fantastical imagery
        • reinforces childlike perspective
      • soup as metaphor
        • time spent in Scotland
        • homely, warm and unpretentious
    • Sound patterning
      • rhyme of Scottish dialect to convey happy memories
    • Form and structure
      • dash:"wee soft bits--"
        • followed by interrogatives
        • mimic speech/give poem naturalistic feel
    • Context
      • CoP
        • poet was adopted so identity may be very important to her
    • Links
      • Text 2
        • happy/sad memories
        • childhood
      • Text 5
        • Happy/sad memories
        • cultural/personal identity


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