Grammer - word classes

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  • Grammer - word classes
    • Nouns
      • These are 'naming' words
        • London, Jenny, romance
    • Adjectives
      • These describe nouns and sometimes pronouns
        • Large, sunny, featureless
    • Verbs
      • These are 'doing' words
        • Jump, read, return
    • Adverbs
      • These describe verbs and sometimes adjectives
        • Steadily, incredibly, sadly
    • Pronouns
      • These take the place of nouns
        • You, then, him, me, it
    • Conjunctions
      • These are connecting words
        • And, or, but, because
    • Prepositions
      • These define relationships between words in terms of time, space and direction
        • Before, underneath, through
    • Determiners
      • These give specific kinds of information about a noun
        • The, a, two, his, few, those


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