Common Grammatical Errors

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  • Grammar I often get totally wrong
    • Their/There/ They're
      • There
        • Refers to a place
          • "Over there"
      • Their
        • Indicates possession
          • "Their shoes look fancy!"
      • They're
        • means 'they are'
          • "They're arriving soon"
    • Apostrophes in general
      • Possessive
        • "Ben's hat"
      • Missing letters
        • "Don't", "Could've" "It's"
      • Plural possession
        • "two actresses' roles'
    • Effect vs Affect
      • Effect is a noun
        • "a positive effect"
      • Affect is a verb
        • "to affect"
    • Comma Splice
      • Connecting two independent clauses with a comma
        • EG:"It's already midnight, we're going to be late"
          • Use a semi colon. or start a new sentance


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