Music: Jeff Buckley- Grace

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  • Grace
    • Context
      • Released August 1994
      • Produced by Andy wallace
    • Instumentation
      • Jeff Buckley- Vocals/ Guitar Gary Lucas- Guitar        Mick Grondahl- Bass          Matt Johnson- Drums
      • Use of electronic effects (reverb, delay, EQ, flanger)
      • Vocal techniques- Falsetto, Vocalisation
      • Extra Parts overdubbed so often sounds like 3 guitars playing at once.
    • Structure
      • 4 Main Sections, each divided into smaller subsections
        • 1) Into- pre-chorus- chorus
        • 2) Link (slightly varied bersion of intro.)-Verse 2- Pre-chorus- Chorus
        • 3) Middle 8
        • 4) Link ( slightly varied repeat of intro)- Verse 3- Outro.
    • Tonality/ Harmony
      • -Uncertain/ changing tonality (verse/ chorus begin and end with E minor chords, second part of line sounds in D major)
      • - Use of power chords
      • - Use of 'Drop D' tuning
      • -Chords seemingly complex and sound dissonant but often use open strings and so are easy to play
      • -Open dissonances are for effect only
    • Melody
      • Use of improved vocal melodies (often very high in pitch)
    • Metre and Tempo
      • 12/8 - 4 (dotted crotchet) beats per bar 64 bpm
    • Rhythm
      • often uses cross rhythms/ syncopation


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