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  • Grace- Jeff Buckley
    • texture
      • the main texture is homophonic/ melody and accompany-iment
      • textures are varied throughout
      • guitars and drums feature virtually throughout
      • string parts only used from time to time
      • parts also drop out for contrast
      • guitar whisper effect are only used where they can be heard
    • harmony
      • some complex/ altered/ extended chords
      • main chord sequence is a power chord played in different ways
      • minor/ modal
      • dissonant/ dissonance
    • melody
      • wide range exploited
      • starts in a low register
      • very high in places- High D!!!
      • features two and four bar phrases
      • combination of syllabic and melismatic lines
      • some portamento/ glissando/ sliding
      • vocalise in bridge section
        • vocal improvisation very high in vocal range
      • unaccompani-ed vocals at end shows influence of qawwali music
      • melody is diatonic with chromatic notes added
    • tonality
      • E minor but it's ambiguous
      • starts on F minor chrod
    • structure
      • verse- chorus/ song structure
      • middle 8/ bridge
      • intro
      • intro used as a link
      • link between end of chorus and start of next verse
      • outro
        • uses same chord sequence as chorus
      • pre- chorus
      • no pre- chorus after verse 3
    • instrument-ation
      • bass guitar
      • electric guitar
      • acoustic guitar
      • drumkit
      • synth
      • strings
      • backing vocals
      • lead vocals
    • metre and rhythm
      • bass part often syncopated
      • syncopation in the voice
      • 12/8 quadruple compound time
      • cross rhythms used
      • drums keep the pulse


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