'Grace' - Buckley

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  • Grace - Buckley
    • Melody
      • Vocal melody in the verse has a limited pitch range, becoming higher in the pre chorus
      • A “whispering” backing vocal adds variety to the melody in the chorus
      • The telephone EQ effect added to the vocal melody in the middle 8 gives a harsh and distant effect
      • Verse 3 sees the pitch of the vocal melody becoming higher
      • Falsetto improvisation in the outro with a melisma
    • Rhythm
      • During the verse, more emphasis is placed on the toms of the drum kit
      • Rhythm of the intro is highlighted by the acoustic guitar and hi-hat cymbals, which “drive” the song forward
      • Drum roll leading into the middle 8 section
      • The unifying rhythm of the song is a solid rock beat
    • Cymbals used more prominently in verse 3
    • Structure
      • Intro, Verse 1, Pre-chorus 1, Chorus, Link, Verse 2, Pre-chorus 2, Chorus, Middle 8, Link, Verse 3, Outro
    • Instrumenta-tion
      • Drum kit
      • Backing Vocals
      • Strings
      • Lead vocals
      • 3 Electric Guitars
      • Acoustic Guitar
      • Bass Guitar
    • Dynamics
      • Whisper effect on the electric guitar - uses dynamic picking
      • Starts off p but has an f moment in the intro
    • Harmony
      • Bass guitar provides pedal note “D” upon which harmonies and chords are constructed
      • During the verse the electric guitar plays power chords
        • Modal harmonies with E as the tonic note
      • The pre-chorus uses more complex chords with 6th and 9th notes added
      • Complex harmonies in the middle 8
        • Hummed vocals with long sustained notes
      • First three chords are unclear, but D major is heard at the end of the intro
    • Tempo
      • Dotted crotchet
      • Time signature is 12/8
    • Texture
      • Textural contrast is used when parts drop out
      • Texture in the verse is thinner
      • Polyphonic is middle 8


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