Government policy 1868-71

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  • Government's Policy
    • Reservations
      • Indian's wouldn't lose any more land
      • Would receive payment in money, food and clothing
      • Be protected from attacks by whites
      • Council felt it was the only way for the tribe to survive
      • Government didn't follow through, other tribes refused to be moved
        • US Army used to force Indians to move or return to reservations
      • Supposed to benefit Indians
        • Could learn
          • Farming
          • Christianity
        • Taught to read and write
        • Would be protected from other tribes
      • Held no though for Indian culture
        • Far away from sacred places
        • Traditional enemies placed on same reservations
      • Land was too hard to farm
      • Agents employed,often corrupt
    • President Grant's 'Peace Policy' 1868
      • Aimed to calm tension between Indians and Us army
      • Would improve management techniques
      • Replaced corrupt agents with Quakers
        • Religious men known for their fairness
      • Appointed an American Indian as head of Indian Affairs
      • $2,000,000 given to improve care of Indians on reservations
        • Indians who refused to move would be treated as hostile
    • Indian Appropriation Act 1871
      • Recognised the Indians as wards
        • Should be treated as ignorant children to be looked after
      • Were no longer recognised as being able to sign treaties
      • Made it easier for land to be taken from Indians and given to whites


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