Weimar Germany - New government

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  • New Government
    • The Kaiser (old government)
      • Dictator
        • Could run the country as he wanted and not take any advice
      • Many felt the problems in Germany came from the kind of government run by the Kaiser
    • Weimar Republic
      • 1. No person was to have too much power
      • 2. All Germans over 21 could vote and decide who sould be running their country
        • Democratic government
      • 3. Proportional representation
        • 20% of the votes=20% of the seats in the Reichstag (German government)
        • Makes it difficult for one person to be in control (need 50% of the votes)
          • Governments would be made up of coalitions
      • 4. The government was run by the Chancellor but he could only do this if over half the Reichstag supported his policies
      • 5. The Head of State in Germany is the President
        • Stayed out of the government unless there was a crisis
          • eg. If no one could emerge as Chancellor
            • In this case the President had a number of emergency powers given to him through Article 48
              • This meant he could run Germany without having to consult the Reichstag
              • He could appoint a Chancellor of his choice


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