Government Corruption

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  • Government Corruption
    • The ohio gang
      • group of industrialists and politicians associated with warren harding
      • president harding appointed many of his close friends to the cabinet from Ohio
      • the became known as the Ohio Gang
      • many used their position to get money
      • albert fall committed suicide and many committed suicide and others jailed for making profits for personal use
    • The teapot dome scandal
      • albert B.Fall is appointed minister of the interior by warren harding
      • President Wiliiam Taft rules that teapot dome must only be used by the navy
      • Albert B.Fall accepts a bribe of $100,000
      • Harry Sinclair and edward doheny are allowed to drill there
      • Warren Hadring announces 'if fall is not honest, i am not fit to be president!
      • In 1927, Fall is jailed for a year and fined $100000. Sinclair and doheny get away free of charge.
    • Warren Harding
      • president of USA between 1921-1923.
      • republican and took a laissez policy to his presidency
      • was seen as a symbol of the roaaring twenties
      • popular and liked partying and pretty girls
      • died 1923 - obvious that his government was the most corrupt


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