Faction in Government 1536-1588

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  • Faction         1539-1553
    • Henry VIII's will 1547
      • How he left it
        • Wanted a Catholic death
          • Left money for masses to be said for him
          • Wanted prayers for the dead
      • How it could have been manipulated
        • 2 extra clauses added on the end
          • Made from paper that didn't look part of the original
            • Privy Council had FULL power & authority
            • Privy Council able to distribute land and honours
          • By Paget & Seymour
    • Fall of Cromwell 1540
      • Accused of treason by the Norfolk family (Howards)
        • Arrest and execution successful
          • Howards rise in power & Henry marries Catherine Howard
    • Catherine Howard 1542
      • Found guilty of Adultery, evidence presented by Cranmer
        • Beheaded for treason in 1542
          • Not good for Norfolk's reputation
            • Weakened conservative faction
            • Arrested, interrogated & pardoned
    • Cranmer 1543
      • Accused of  heresy by Norfolk and Wriothesley
        • Henry gives him a royal ring as protection, does not tell N & W
          • They are humiliated when they come to arrest him and Henry refuses
    • Catherine Parr Plot 1546
      • Rumoured connections with Anne Askew
        • Executed for denying transubstantiation
        • Gardiner & Writhesley plotted to remove Catherine
          • She persuades Henry to pardon her
            • Again, he does not tell N &W
              • Humiliated again
    • End of his reign - dealing with factions 1546/7
      • Gardiner sent away
      • Norfolk & Surrey arrested accused of treason
        • Norfolk put in tower, Surrey executed
      • Thomas Seymour joins P.C as a reformer
        • Had gained honours in war
      • Privy Council very reformist by the end of his reign
      • Wriothesley & Richard Rich changed sides to reformers
  • Conservatives with the advantage
    • Reformers with the advantage


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