henry VIII gov under Wolsey

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  • Government under Wolsey
    • Similarities to Henry VII
      • JP's still used to regulate law and order
      • Able and skilled professionals from gentry were encouraged and had opportunities
      • Parliament was used similarly at the start of his reign- to grant extraordinary taxation, so it was only used 4 times before 1529
        • On the other hand- cromwell developed its uses to include its vast legislative possibilities.
    • Differences
      • Part of Wolsey's success was that Henry did not want to be involved in the daily administration- Wolsey was reliable and could always guess what the king wanted
      • Henry wanted an aggressive foreign policy- this led to the fall of his father's council from 1514 as they failed to conform to the new policy
    • Henry's privy chamber included his most trusted courtiers. Wolsey constantly tried to reduce the influence of the minions
    • The star chamber was used to ensure fair justice to commoners this led to 120 cases a year and the court of requests needed to be developed.
      • Wolsey recognised that parliamentary grants weren't sustainable- but didn't want to bring back the unpopular processes of Henry VII. 1- He out forward a national survey in 1522 which assessed how much people could pay in taxes. In 1525 he tried to put forward the amicable grant which assessed taxes on income rather than on land.


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