German Government by 1945

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  • Government by 1945
    • After 1934, Hitler played little part in ministerial meetings and these gradually waned in favour of a more direct style of rule
    • Hitler's authority within the Nazi party was unchallenged and the role of lawmaker was effectively vested in him alone
    • ** became a very powerful agency of terror
    • superimposed his party structure on top of the existing state structure
      • created lots of confusion
    • Hitler sometimes signed government papers without even reading them
    • Himmler established a strong central control over the whole security apparatus of the state - linking party and state agencies
    • He 'systematically deprived all Germans of virtually every basic human right they had enjoyed under the Weimar State
    • The war has the effect of increased radicalisation of the regime as well as a growth in ** power
    • Measures against minority groups became increasingly widespread and crule
    • Opposition to the Nazi regime came from...
      • the Church
      • youth
      • the army


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