Government and Control in wartime

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  • Government and control in wartime
    • Centralised State
      • Party organisation dominated government institutions
      • Large parts of the economy was controlled by the governemnt
      • Main decisions were taken by the Politburo
      • Power was concentrates in the hands of a few people at the top.
      • Led to Victory
      • Took power away from the workers, peasants and soldiers.
    • Red Army and the Cheka
      • They played complementary roles in supporting the regime during the revolution
      • Cheka
        • sought to eliminate political oppostion
        • Enforced discipline inside the Red Army
      • Red Army
        • Defended communist-controlled areas from attack
        • attacked opposition forces to gain more territory.
    • Sovnarkom
      • Soviet Government
      • 15-20 members from the Central Committee
      • Central committee made laws and oversaw administration
      • Key decision making body
        • Issues orders and decrees.
    • Politburo
      • Communist Party structure
      • 7-9 members from the Central Committee
      • Central Committee was the leading decision making body of the communist party
        • set up in 1919
    • Eventually the Politburo gained a large influence over the Sovnarkom and the Communist Party became the main decision body of Russia


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