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  • Governemnet under Ferdinand and Isabella 1469-1504
    • New Monarchy- Yes
      • Pacification of the nobility
      • Financially independent
      • By 1493 all councillors were lawyers
      • Conciliar system enforced
      • Lawyers important in Gov.
      • Revenues taken by aristocracy were given back to Crown
      • Laws to stop private wars and prevention of building new castles
      • Peripatetic Monarchs- meant less disturbances due to presence
      • Permanent Courts introduced
    • New Monarchy - No
      • Despite nobles being repressed,the wealthiest were exempt from tax
        • Thus limited power over them
      • Expenditure grew alongside income
        • Due to Granada War (1482-92), War in Italy and bonds received by people from Gov.
      • Tax farmers corrupt and abused system
      • Corregidores were refused by some towns
      • Due to travel Gov. weren't centralised
      • Hermandades were brutal and unpopular.
    • Dual Monarchy
      • Protected liberties of Aragon
      • Ruled Kingdoms seperately
      • Had to fight their own wars
      • Fueros- strict laws in Aragon to stop aristocracy's power limited
      • Muslims only expelled from Castile
      • Both to sign before legislation passed
    • Santa Hermandades
      • The Holy Brotherhood
      • Used for law and order
      • Set-up in every town in 1476
      • Controlled directly by Crown
      • Unpopular due to harsh methods
      • Dealt with murder, theft, arson


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