Gottesman disorders in offspring

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  • Gottesman
    • aims - aimed to build on previous research of genetic explanation for mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, depression and bipolar but with a large sample size
    • research method - based on the study of the national register in Denmark. looked for all the records of people with information about who their parents were and weather they had been admitted to a psychiatric unit
    • sample - 2.6 million people from Denmark who had been born in 1968 or were alive in 1968 and found the link with their parents from the civil register
    • procedure - people were examined who had been in a unit from 1970 to 2007. they found the information of their parents and then compared the results of those who had 2 parents or 1 parent with a disorder against the general population. people's mental illness was the one in which they were given upon release. these were categoried using the icd 8 and icd 10
    • results - 27% of developing schizophrenia with 2 parents that have it. 39% to be diagnosed with s or other related illness and 67% of getting any mental illness. 7% with one parent 11% for related illness 1.2% with no parents.
    • results - 24% with 2 parents with bipolar. 36% for bipolar and depression and 44% for any mental illness. with 1 parent 4.4% and 9.2% chance for any mental illness
      • conclusions -there is a greater risk of being admitted to a psychriatric hospital if both parents have been admitted with a disorder compared to the general population supports genetic explanation for mental illness


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