Gothic Protagonists- Victor Frankenstein

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  • Gothic Protagonists- Victor Frankenstein
    • Most obvious out of the texts
    • Had an end goal to answer questions about natural philosophy and to further science. Important to Victor and tackles his ambitions with ardour.No boundaries hinder him and the devotion shown is typical of a gothic protagonist
    • His tragic flaw is his overreaching ambition. obsession leads to transgression of laws and social norms(cause of many deaths)
    • Fascination with the past his particular area of interest is outdated in the opinion of his father and professor. He fuses ideas of the past with current ideas. He also has a fascination with past thinkers such as paracelsus
    • Extremes in behaviour-speaks of Elizabeth obsessively,melodramatic language, extreme passion when building the creation
    • Links to the supernatural through the creature. Duality and connections between the two.
    • Mass inner conflict typical of gothic literature.Whether he should create a female companion for the creature. Conflict is inescapable


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