Gothic Elements in Literature

Mindmap about the elements of the Gothic and how they are effective.

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  • Gothic Elements in Literature
    • Setting - preferably a castle
      • Adds to the dark, mysterious tone of the novel
      • Connected to supernatural life forms or deviant human beings
      • A natural, nurturing environment is somewhere dark
      • Creates a sense of fear or forboding
    • Atmosphere of Mystery and Suspense
      • Adds to the narrative's drama
    • An Ancient Prophecy
      • Rooted in history - link to a mysterious past
    • Omens, Portents or Visions
      • Provides an unsettling convention that motivates the plot while uneasing the audience
    • Supernatural or Unexplainable Events
      • Unsettling to a contemporary audience
      • Something that is fate or hard to over come
      • Highlights discourse in the narrative
    • High, overwrought emotions
      • Allows for confrontation and violence to occur
      • Highlight's characters inner motivations and true forms which may be dark and gritty
    • Women in distress
      • Adds drama by having the weak seem weaker
      • Highlights the power of what is distressing them
      • Highlights women's place in the society
    • Tyrannical Male
      • Usually manipulates a woman
      • Such as Heathcliff to Isabella
      • Reflects the patriarchal society and power of man
    • Metonymy  of Gloom and Horror
      • Usually achieved through pathetic fallacy
        • The rain could be a metaphor for someone's emotion, for example
    • Lexis linking to the Gothic
      • Such as synonyms for pain, anger, distress, surprise, fear or terro


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