Goodness of God criticisms

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  • Goodness of God criticisms
    • J.L.Mackie
      • Inconsistent triad- god is omnibenevolent and omnipotent yet evil still exists
    • Hume
      • What conclusions do you draw about the designer of a house if it falls?
    • Aquinas
      • Can we talk about God's goodness in a meaningful fashion? Is God's nature unknowable?
    • Does God responding to human needs and requests mean that God is not perfect?
    • God is not like a human designer and so comparisons are invalid
    • Natural evil is a consequences of the laws of nature which enable change and development
    • Epistemic distance
    • The problem of evil
    • What conclusions could be drawn about God because of Natural Evil?
    • Plato
      • Euthyphro dilemma- are things good because God  says they're good? (Arbitrary) or are they good within themselves (not omnipotent)
    • The bible
      • Miracle at Ai-God stops the sun and all men, women and children are killed by the Jews
      • God remains faithful to the cevenant- Hebrew slaves in Egypt are set free
      • Healing miracles- naaman's leprosy and lazareth being resurrected
      • Jesus and sacrificial death which saved humanity from consequences of its sin and enables humanity to reconnect with God
      • Threw Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden resulting in mortality for humans, painful childbirth for women and men having to work from the land


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