Good and Evil

This is probably best to print out due to the horrible structure. It's good and evil and all the Christian beliefs/responses, it's useful for the diversity exam. 

There is also a religion and science mindmap, if this is any good I will put that one up too. 

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  • Good and Evil
    • Christian Story- World is perfect. Except for good & evil - the forbidden tree.
    • How do Christians explain evil?
      • 2nd Century- Irenaeus. God put evil in the world for a reason, to exercise free will and develop as humans.
      • 20th Century- John Hick- evil and suffering bring out the best in people. Necessary if humans are to develop love, courage etc.
      • The above are theodicies- trying to explain why there is evil in the world.
    • Christians coping with suffering
      • Test of faith from God, and also leads to a deeper understanding of God
      • Gives opportunities to care for others
      • Suffering is brought about by humans/or the Devil
      • Short lived ends with death, then heaven.
    • Beliefs about the Devil
      • Christians blame him for evil & suffering.
      • Sometimes is in physical form.
      • Jesus was tempted by the Devil- showed the power that he could have if he worshipped the devil. (Luke)
        • Judas was possessed by the Devil when he betrayed Jesus.
    • Moral Behaviour
      • Humans made in God's image
      • Part of God in humans
      • Humans too can be God-like
      • Follow 10 Commandments
    • Conscience
      • Thomas Aquinas- God's law.
      • Written in our hearts
      • Tell  us what is right and wrong
      • May be God speaking
      • Others say it depends on childhood and family
    • Beliefs about God
      • All-loving OMNIBENEVOLENT
    • What is evil? (You should really know this. Why am i typing this.)
      • Natural Evil- natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis.
      • Moral Evil- murder. Committed by humans.
    • What is good?
      • Almost impossible to define (apparently)
      • Christians teachings: "Only God is good" people should try to be like God.
      • "No one is good except God alone" Mark
    • Responses to suffering
      • Christians have a dut to care for the needy
      • Natural disasters & victims of crime to to cared for
      • Can work for Aid charities, e.g. Oxfam,Warchild.
  • The Fall/Original Sin
    • Christian Story- World is perfect. Except for good & evil - the forbidden tree.
    • God gave Adam and Eve freedom of choice- THEY CHOSE TO DO WRONG. Misused their free will.
      • They then became separated from God. Could only return through redemption- death or sacrifice of Jesus.
  • JOB- an example of how God allows innocent people to suffer.
    • Keeps faith even though tempted.
      • Cannot understand why God allows suffering.
  • The problem of evil is that if God is all powerful, loving and knowing, why do people suffer? Why is their evil in the world?


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