Philosophy: Good and Evil

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  • Good and Evil
    • Good
      • comes from god
      • God made the rules
        • Makes you moral, therefore closer to god
      • Jesus is perfect
        • showed how to worship
        • love thy neighbour
    • Evil
      • breaking 10 commandments
      • sin
      • the devil
        • Christian beliefs
          • supernatural creature who makes me do wrong. Aims to overthrow God
          • Not a person; i poetic symbol for the human struggle to choose r/w.
            • can't be a real rival because God is omnipotent
        • in the Bible
          • Book of Job
            • Devil asks God to test Job.
          • Fall of Man
            • Genesis
          • Luke 4:1-13
            • tells Jesus to jump off a building to test God. Jesus says not to tempt God or test him
      • Original Sin
        • Everyone born with it, inherited from ...
          • The Fall
            • God punished A+E for disobedience.
              • Child birth painfull, difficult for Adam to grow food, banished from garden.
                • Christian beliefs
                  • Fundamentalist /Literalists: Historically accurate. A+E real people
                  • Liberalists: a myth. Simple story. Symbolizes how some people separate  themselves from God through sin.
          • DISAGREE: deliberate act of doing something wrong.
        • Redemption: paying the price for something in order to get it back
      • Profoundly immoral or wrong
      • The Problem of Evil
        • particularly for religious believers who say God is omnipotent and omni benevolent
          • Why does God allow suffering?
            • The fall. Need bad to see good. Free will. Test of faith. Only temporary.
              • God doesn't care about human suffering?
        • Suffering in the world
          • Christian beliefs
            • Fall of Adam and Eve spoiled the natural world
            • Test to see if we are faithful to God
            • Important lessons like being courageous
            • Freewill
          • AGAINST xn beliefs
            • God is not: omnipotent, omnibenevolent, omniscient
            • Not everyone learns from their mistakes
          • Coping
            • Acceptance
              • part of God's plan
              • God means well
            • Pray
              • God will answer
              • Communication with God
            • Reading the Bible
              • gives advice
              • comfort and hope
      • Moral evil
        • caused by the deliberate action of humans
      • Natural Evil
        • natural disasters from nature
  • Fundamentalist /Literalists: Historically accurate. A+E real people


Rhys B-M


Really good mindmap, thank you! :L

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