Good and Evil

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  • Good and Evil
    • Teaches that evil entered the world as a result of Adam and Eve giving in to temptation in the Garden of Eden-"The Fall"
    • Traditionally taught that all were born with a flawed nature-original sin.
      • This excludes us from Heaven unless we're reconciled with God.
    • Some believe that God gave us free will so it's up to us to choose whether to sin or not just as it was up to Adam and Eve
    • Has personified evil with Satan or the Devil.
      • "Put on the full armour of God so that you can take your stand against the Devil's schemes" Ephesians 6:11 NIV
    • 'sins of thoughts' and 'sins of actions' are both believed in Christianity as in the  Sermon on the Mount, Jesus taught that anger and lustful thoughts are as sinful as murder and adultery (Matthew 5:21-30)
    • Human-made (Moral evil)
      • Suffering is brought on by people e.g. murder, ****, torture
        • Is a person causing the evil being able to MAKE A CHOICE about what's morally right and wrong
    • Natural Evil
      • Is evil made naturally such as natural disasters like volcanoes, earthquakes etc.
      • Believed by some though that there is evidence to suggest humans have INTERFERED with natural disasters by causing things like global warming to fuel this growth of disasters
    • Evil questions faith
      • Both natural and moral evil can lead to someone QUESTIONING or leaving their faith
        • How can a God be morally right to allow such evil things to occur if God is omnipotent
      • Others argue that because God can't or doesn't stop natural disasters, God then can't be omnipotent (all powerful)
    • Disagree about the problem of evil
      • Some argue that evil comes from HUMANS ACTIONS like After the Fall, we had the CHOICE to bring evil- so it's our responsibility not to
      • Others argue that it's NECESSARY to have evil to recognize what is good in the world
        • How does freedom work?
      • Others argue that through God's plan, all the evil will eventually be cleansed from the world
    • Coping with suffering
      • Praying and helping others
      • Roman Catholics and Orthodox pray for a SAINT to intercede with God on behalf of who is suffering
        • 'INTERCESSORY PRAYERS' are these sorts of prayers
          • Other prayers are directed to God
      • Pray for God's help in accepting suffering as his plan
      • Some believe we're closest to God and Jesus when we STRUGGLE and SUFFER
      • Christian organisations like Christian Aid help those who are suffering
    • Sources of Moral Guidance
      • Sacred texts
        • Look to the Bible for moral guidance and claim that they were written in different times so should be interpreted in different ways
        • Others argue that the stories are the WORD OF GOD and so must be OBEYED BY EVERY WORD
      • Example of teachers and prophets
        • People may look to religious leaders like Jesus to GUIDE THEM along right path
        • Jesus
          • Saw his opponents accuse him of  BREAKING RELIGIOUS LAWS when he helped others
          • Believed Jewish authorities missed the point of God's law and criticized the Pharisees for making tradition and ritual too important
          • Taught to do SELF-SACRIFICE and people believe he  taught his willingness to suffer and die was a good example to follow
            • "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me." Mark 5:21-22
            • Believed that dying on the cross had Jesus pay for all of the world's sins
              • Believe all that die will be JUDGED and some only believe that those who have FOLLOWED JESUS'S TEACHINGS will have behaved morally and will ENTER HEAVEN
      • Conscience
        • Is the little voice in your head and tells you what's right or wrong
        • Some believe it's the VOICE OF GOD so you should listen to it carefully and always trust it
        • Others say its based around your UPBRINGING and it's only trustworthy on the thing's it's based on
          • Others think it's need to be learnt or it might lead you astray


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