GA, Lysosome, Ribosomes

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  • Golgi Apparatus, Lysosomes and Ribosomes
    • Golgi Apparatus
      • Series of flattened sacs
      • Structure is constantly changing
        • One side, vesicles move towards the apparatus and fuse with it
          • the other side, the sacs break down and form vesicles that move away from GA
          • Packages and modifies proteins
            • May sometimes add sugars
            • May then be transported in a vesicle to the plasma membrane
              • This fuses and deposits proteins outside cell by exocytosis
            • Some vesicles may stay inside the cell and functions as digestive enzymes- Lysosomes
              • eg) the lysosome acrosome is in the head of a sperm
                • these enzymes digest a pathway into an egg just before fertilisation
    • Ribosomes
      • tiny organelles which may be free in cytoplasm or bound to ER
      • Site of protein synthesis
        • act as an assembly line where coded informations mRNA from the nucleus is used to assemble proteins from amino acids


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