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  • United Gold Coast Convention
    • Kwame Nkrumah (Secretary General)
      • Big Six : Danquah, William Ofori, Addo, Adjei, Obetsebi Lamptey
      • Convention People's Party
        • National Liberation Movement (Ashanti)
          • Formed because:Nkrumah was radical, they were conservativesNkrumah advocated for unitary system, they were for federalNkrumah came form a community in S. Ghana, they were Ashanti chiefs
        • Role played by NkrumahUsed non-violent methods to advocate for freedomCPP formed 1st African governmentAdvocated for unity (political liberation)Gained wide spread support (national liberation)
    • Factors for growth of nationalism-Constitutional provisionEx-service men gained confidenceFarmers upset with meager profitsAfrican elitesAfricans denied import & export licencesLarge group of young people who couldn't secure jobs
    • Why Ghana was the 1st to achieve independenceLess European settlersGood trans. and comm. systemGood leadershipSupport from Pan-African movementEducated eliteEconomic development
  • Role played in inspiring other countriesSupported liberation movementsWent to aid of African countriesAllowed African nationalists to set up military bases in GhanaInitiated formation of Ghana-Guinea unionConvened conference of all African Independent States


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