Gods involvement Agamemnon

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  • Gods involvement
    • Watchman thanks Gods for his masters return
      • "praise the gods for the beacon"
    • Paris disrespected xenia
    • Gods meddle with mortal lives
      • Could of ended war sooner
        • "Yet someone hears on high -Apollo, Pan or Zeus -the piercing wail these guests of heaven raise"
        • Tip the scales
    • Artemis marshells with winds
      • Protects innocent (Troy victims)
      • Ag claimed he was a better hunter. HUBRIS
      • Causes him to kill child
        • Shows hypocritical side (protector of innocent)
        • OR thought only thing that would stop Ag?
    • If Ag doesnt kill Iphigenia, Zeus will doom him
    • Ag's return speech, thanks gods three times
      • Perhaps in fear of them as he was hubris
    • Plungered temples
      • Red tapestries
    • Furies, Cly comparison. Seeking revenge
    • Apollo + Cassandra's curse P144 P151 P154
    • Curse on house of Atreus
    • Cly lighting altars + praying
  • Big participation towards plot
  • References + subplot
  • Interfering with mortal lives
  • References to respect (pious, hubris


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