evidence of religion in britain

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  • Gods in Roman Britain
    • classical gods
      • Neptune and Minerva - temple at Chichester by cogidubnus
      • Mercury - temple at Uley, Gloucestershire
      • dedications to Jupiter in Cumbria
    • christianity
      • water newton treasure. chi-rho. 3rd and 4th
      • writings of Tertulian
      • lullinstone villa - 4th century. chi-rho and praying priests
      • hinton st mary mosaic. chi-rho and early pic of christ
      • Aurelia aureliana - Carlisle, poppies and pinecones
    • Imperial cult
      • Head of Claudius, destroyed by Boudicaa's rebellion
    • mother goddesses
      • Untitled
      • altar at carrowburgh
      • Cybele - mother goddess of asia minor. shrine in london
    • interpretation romano
      • Sulis Minerva - temple in bath, healing powers
    • eastern and western gods
      • Mithras
        • temples found in carrowburgh, housesteads, London, york
      • genii-cucullati - statue found in holywells and all over the empire
      • alaisiagae (german) - altars at housesteads
    • celtic gods
      • antenociticus - benwell, hadrians wall
      • druids
        • Lindow man - ritualistic sacrifice


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