Oedipus the King: Gods and Religion

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  • Gods and Religion
    • Line 4, The opening scene begins with a procession priests, incense is being burned and wailing for the dead is heard. The first thing they turn to in times of need is the gods.
    • Line 18, The priest says that men of all ages are clinging to the alters.
    • Line 21,The people are praying to Zeus, Athena and Apollo.
    • Line 81, Oedipus' first course of action is to send Creon to Delphi to Apollo the Prophet's oracle. Religion is a pivotal point of Greek society.
    • Line 94, The priest knows that Creon has indeed visited the oracle as his is adorned with a laurel wreath; the sign of Apollo.
    • Line 130, When king Laius was murdered he was on his way to consult an oracle.


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