Godden and Baddery (1975)

Tested for Context Dependent Forgetting (Theories of Forgetting)

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  • Godden and Baddery (1975)
    • 18 Participants
    • 4 Conditions: - Wet and Dry - Dry and Wet - Dry and Dry, - Wet andWet
    • All Participants experienced all 4 conditions
    • 36 two or three syllable words used
    • Results show recall was better when in same environment
      • 37% of words for Dry and 32% for Wet
    • Results showed alot of forgetting in all environments
      • Shows context dependency isn't the only reason for forgetting
    • Situation and task were artificial: results not valid
    • Environment 'normal' to divers so had ecological validty
    • Clear controls means it replicable and therefore reliable
    • Conc: Context is a retrieval cue, so when the environment at encoding is the same as at recall, forgetting is less


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