God's Goodness

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  • God of the Bible: Morally Perfect.
    • Seen in Christianity to be wholly good.
      • Act of creation itself is evidence of the goodness of God.
        • Moral Perfection and the source of Human Ethics.
    • Examples of God's goodness (God as a Lawgiver).
      • Moses: Direct commands from God on the behaviour that God expected from Humanity.
      • The Decalogue (Exodus 20): A summary of peoples religious and social duties, expanded in the rest of the Torah.
    • In the Old Testament ...
      • God is seen as personally involved with the behaviour of people.
    • Does God command things because they are good, or are they good because God commands them?
      • Biblical God = angered by injustice. All humanity within his creation are treated equally.
      • Euthyphro Dilemma: Socrates raised dilemma in writings of Plato.
        • If God only commands what is good, good exists externally from God and does not come from him.
        • God as a dictator. If he said **** was okay, it would be.
    • Problems.
      • The imposition of rules by God = question whether humans have free choice.
      • If the believer goes against God's commands, they are punished. This means that they have no freedom of choice.
      • Not having free will goes against the notion of God's goodness.
    • God's goodness is not separated from humanity.
      • love for humanity.
      • Chance of salvation.
      • Reincarnation in the form of Jesus.


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