God intervening in World Through Jesus

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  • God Intervening in the World through Jesus
    • Incarnate
      • Jesus is the flesh of God
    • Emmanuel
      • God is with us
    • Christ
      • The Chosen one
    • Saviour
      • One who saves
    • Jesus as Human and Divine
      • Human mother and Virgin Birth
      • Lived a normal human life and suffered moral pain and suffering
      • BUT
        • His teachings
        • Performed miracles
        • Perfect without Sin.
    • Teachings
      • How God wanted people to live their lives
    • Jesus as Saviour
      • Died for us to save our sins - only he could do it as he did not have sin.
    • Jesus as Eternal
      • Ressurection - Jesus rose from dead and ascended to heaven Jesus will return at end of time to judge us
        • PAROUSIA
      • 'God demonstrateshis own love for us in this. We are all sinners, Christ died for us' Romans 5:8


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