God as a Creator

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  • God as a Creator
    • Evidence that challenges God as a Creator
      • World
        • Big Bang Theory
          • The universe expanded very quickly, resulting in the formation of atoms, which lead to the creation of planets
        • Evolution
          • We have evolved from common ancestors, with genetic mutations that aid survival, being passed down through DNA
        • Existence of Evil
          • Evil exists in the form of natural disasters or human nature. It contradicts the concept that God is benevolent
    • Evidence that supports God as a Creator
      • Bible
        • God created the universe
        • God is responsible for the universe, as a parent is responsible for their child
        • God watches over creation
      • World
        • Albert Einstein believed that the universe is identical with divinity
        • Aristolt believed that everything gets its form from God
        • God is the author of all truth
    • God as a Craftsman
      • God purposefully created the Earth
      • God has planned and designed the Earth to sustain life
      • Creates the universe for a purpose
      • God creates Adam in his image
    • Creatio Ex Nihlo
      • 'Creation out of nothing'
      • "In the beginning God created the heavens and earth"
      • There was no pre-existing materials in the universe
      • "Let there be..."


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