God as a creator

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  • God as a creator
    • god created the world over a 6 day period and the 7th day was a day of rest
      • god is transcendent and pre existent
    • he created the world from what was already there
    • gods spirit moves across the earth to give it shape
    • he is the cause of things that exist, they exist by his command
    • after each creation day he saw that things were good
    • he created man in his own image on the 6th day
    • the world was created for mankind who were give dominion but were asked to be stewards
    • he makes man from dust
    • in job 38 god is described as laying the foundations of the earth
    • god is responsible for everything existing
    • created the world from nothing
    • god has human qualities which is different to aristotles god
    • humans are responsible for evil god is responsible for the earth
    • others believe that science gives us a good enough reason for the earth
    • aristotles god is not interested in the world
    • god is describes with anthropomorphic language


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