God - Teleological Arguments

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  • God - Teleological Arguments
    • Work from observations of the universe
    • Start from observations of complexity
      • Cast God as the 'designer'
    • Paley's Argument (Watch)
      • We know something as complex as a watch cannot come about by accident
      • Universe is like the watch
      • Universe must have a designer and this must be God
      • Complexity: Many detailed and delicate parts which interact in coordinated ways
      • Purpose: Clear function and intention behind its creation
    • Purpose of the Universe
      • Foundationism: Purpose of the universe is to understand itself
      • Computationalism: Purpose is to maximise intelligence
    • Evolution
      • Evolution goes some way to explaining away the need for a designer God
    • 'Fine-tuning' Arguments
      • Universe if fine tuned for the existence of life
      • Could not have happened by accident
      • Only God could have designed the universe for us
      • Life as we know it depends on the universe being the way it is
      • However we don't know if this is the only kind of life
    • Why would God keep so many secrets from us about the universe?
    • The Problem of Evil
      • Classic response is free will
      • Greater evil to deny humans free will


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