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  • God, Life &        Death      [Page 1]
    • Key Concepts
      • AfterLife
        • A belief that human existence continues after death
      • God
        • The ultimate and supreme power given worship
      • Awe
        • A sense of wonder in relation to God's creation or presence
      • Revelation
        • The ways in which God chooses to reveal himself to people
      • Symbolism
        • a representation of an idea through actions or images
      • Community
        • A group of people who are joined together because they share something in common
    • Specialist Language
      • Atheist
        • someone who does not believe in God
      • Agnostic
        • A person who believes it is not possible to know whether or not God exists/ that proof of God is beyond human knowledge
      • Monotheistic
        • believing in one God
      • Lord
        • Used to describe Jesus as- equal with God/ ruler of the world and heaven/the one who directs or guides a believer's life
      • Redeemer
        • used to describe Jesus as- the one who pays the ransom price to set others free/ the bringer of forgiveness/ the one who gives eternal life
    • The Existence of God [Arguments]
      • For
        • Order, design, beauty and purpose in the world points of a creator
        • the world must have begun from something. God was the creator
        • Humans are different from all other animals. This is the result of some divine
        • So many people say they have experienced or felt God - it can't all be nonsense
        • to say you do not believe in God because you do not see him is foolish. We cannot see love or electricity but we know they exist
      • Against
        • if there is a God why is there suffering in the world?
        • people invented God to give them comfort in difficult in times of difficulty
        • Science has proved the Bible wrong about many things
        • if there is a God why does he not answer our prayers?
        • the universe was not created, it has always been
        • Where is the proof? - How can we believe in something e cannot see?


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