God - How do we know?

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  • God
    • Truth
      • Moral Truth
        • This is knowing whether something is right or wrong. Almost like instinct.
      • Historical Truth
        • We can say we know something has happened because there is evidence
      • Aesthetic Truth
        • The sort of truth we find in pictures, books and film.
          • It is believable although its not true itself.
      • Scientific Truth
        • We can nly say its true if its been proven by an experiment
      • Spiritual Truth
        • Deals with faith and belief. Cannot be proven.
    • How can we know if there is a God?
      • Cosmological
        • Everything has to come from something. You cannot make something out of nothing/
          • Therefore there must have been a 'first cause' that created the universe and that 'first cause' is God.
      • Ontological
        • God can be defined as 'that than which nothing greater can be concieved'. Therefore God exists in the mind.
          • It is not possible to think of any being greater than God. Therefore God must exist in reality.
      • Teleological/ Design
        • If you saw a watch on the ground you would assume that its parts had not come together by chance because its too ordered and complicated.
          • Therefore because the universe is so ordered and complicated then must have designed it and that designer is God.
      • Morality
        • Some people say that everyone knows the difference between right and wrong.
          • This sense of morality has to come from somewhere and the only possible source is God. Therefore God exists.


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